The DAO 合约攻击信息汇总

In implementing PDX DaaP, PDX's way of maturing blockchain for real-world mission-critical use cases, as briefly outlined in, we introduce this measure to tackle the problem just in case it's of any help:

  • SOS freeze tx, a special highest-priority tx to freeze "normal" potentially problematic txs. The scope is access controlled.

  • IMMEDIATELY, followed by a neutralization transactions to offset the damage caused by txs deemed illegit.

  • Cross-contract write access always via the blockchain, so that it always is subject the chain properties: consensus, non-repudiation and immutability.

  • The block chain does not "validate" tx, so all txs are valid to the chain, and it's up to the contract to decide validity and act accordingly.

This way, when something happens, we can always quarantine the problem and solve it as timely as possible, and as non-disruptive to the ecosystem as possible.

Just some high level thoughts FYI.

The DAO 合约攻击信息汇总

Layering in systems and segregation of duty are crucial to the success of the platform and ecosystem. ANY immediate hack to stop the bleeding, is somewhat acceptable. That said, there needs a systematic approach resolve problems like this - as ethereum ecosystem grows, like any ecosystem, if powerful authorities come demand some remedies or anything, you MUST comply.