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Wallet 0.7.3 (Beta 17) 发布了

rubyu2 · 于 发布 · 756 次阅读


1. 增加了合约的Events Log的显示。

1. If you are watching The DAO we recommend you stop watching it for now, at least while it's so popular. You can still send ether to it, if that's your intention. On our testings, even if the performance has improved, watching the DAO still hangs the wallet occasionally.

如果还在watching DAO合约的话,建议停止watching,会经常性引发钱包挂起。这个问题其实老早就有。

  1. If you can't even launch the wallet to remove it, try downloading and running (no need to uninstall or delete anything) the Wallet version 0.6.2, stop watching and then launch the newest one (or use the older version for a while).

  2. If you still have the "Invalid Date" error or is stuck at "Waiting for blocks" for a long period of time, then you might have a corrupted database and might need to sync it again. Go to your Ethereum folder (access it via accounts > backup > accounts), delete (or simply rename) the folder chain data and start the app again.

如果有"Invalid Date"的错误或者"Waiting for blocks" 很长时间。到Ethereum文件夹(accounts > backup > accounts),删除chain data,重启即可。

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