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关于 DAO 事件,以太坊 Go 客户端的软分叉临时方案

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To clarify, this PR only prevents ethers being withdraw and allows us (the community) with some breathing room to come up with the next steps. This does not, and certainly isn't intended to, to return the ethers to the DAO or the token holders.

声明:这个 PR 只是为了预防以太币被黑客提取,并可以给我们(社区)一些时间来寻找进一步的解决方案,这并不代表我们站在返还以太币给投资者的立场。

Reddit 上的讨论见 https://www.reddit.com/r/ethereum/comments/4onvxf/goethereum_pull_request_softfork_to_stop_theft/

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