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The DAO 事件后,如何写安全的智能合约

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The DAO被攻击后,开发者开始反思如何写安全的智能合约:

We need fault-tolerant smart contracts
: https://medium.com/@peterborah/we-need-fault-tolerant-smart-contracts-ec1b56596dbc

CONDITION-ORIENTATED PROGRAMMING: https://blog.ethcore.io/condition-oriented-programming-2/

Condition-Orientated Programming (COP) is a hybrid approach between functional and imperative programming. Done properly it is a tool in your arsenal for writing safe, secure contracts. It helps make your contract code comprehensively auditable and - loosely speaking - informally provable to have correct run-time operation.

Contract-oriented programming - part I : https://github.com/androlo/solidity-workshop/blob/master/tutorials/2016-06-30-contract-oriented-programming-I.md