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Payment-Channel Network for Ethereum

Raiden is a technology that leverages off-chain state networks to extend Ethereum with some nice properties for asset transfers:

  • Scalable: it scales linearly with the number of participants (1,000,000+ transfers per second possible)
  • Fast: Transfers are confirmed and final within the fraction of a second
  • Confidential: Single transfers don’t show up in the global shared ledger
  • Interoperable: Works with any token that follows Ethereum’s standardized token API
  • Low Fees: Transaction fees can be 7 orders of magnitude lower than on the blockchain
  • Micro-payments: Low transaction fees allow to efficiently transfer tiny values


The technology enabling this is similar to the proposed Bitcoin Lightning Network.

The basic idea is to switch from a model where all transactions hit the shared ledger on the blockchain (which is the bottleneck) to a model where users can privately exchange messages which sign the transfer of value.

Raiden uses a network of p2p payment channels and deposits in Ethereum to preserve the guarantees expected from a blockchain system.

Raiden is implemented as an extension to Ethereum. A Raiden node runs alongside an Ethereum node and communicates with other Raiden nodes to facilitate transfers and with the Ethereum blockchain to manage deposits. It offers a simple API which makes it easy to use Raiden in DApps.


  • Micropayments for content distribution: Alternative to Paywalls, Ads and Subscriptions. (Figure a decentralized youtube where the creators of a video are paid for every second watched)
  • Decentralized M2M markets: especially in IoT where tiny chunks of bandwidth, storage, cpu time, energy, sensor data, etc. can be traded.
  • Frictionless Token Systems: Game Tokens, Reward Tokens, Private Currencies
  • API Access: Accessing and monetizing APIs on a per use basis is at the core of the upcoming - Machine-to-Machine economy
  • Fast Decentralized Exchanges

Complementary to Ethereum

Vitalik Buterin: “State channels are an important technology that has the potential to greatly improve the scalability and privacy of many categories of blockchain applications; in conjunction with sharding and other privacy-preserving cryptographic technologies, they are an important ingredient in helping decentralized systems to achieve the properties that mainstream individual and institutional users expect and deserve.”

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