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BlockCDN leads revolution of CDN industry, wave goodbye to network congestion

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Sharing economy, also called peer-to-peer economy, coordination economy, which is a social economic ecosystem, built on sharing of human and material resources. Sharing economy could bring more general benefits for social groups, just think about it, when the theory of sharing economy applied in the internet field, what an explosive social economy values could be produced?
In the modern social environment, almost everybody drifts with the tide of internet, but with heavy network congestion, you will be stuck at any time when you access webpages or play online videos. All sorts of network congestion will gradually degrade the user`s access experience, this cannot be tolerated by us in the fast-tempo society. At the same time, the high cost of CDN speed-up service exploits the profit of the website owner constantly.
Obviously, enormous investment, limited quantity of layouts now cannot solve the problems anymore. However, the newborn BlockCDN free trade platform could easily let people say goodbye to network congestion. BlockCDN is ran on basis of block chain technology – global internet users share their idle equipment as data caching nodes and provide data uploading service for nearby accessing users who needs help , And thus will get corresponding rewards.
This is a great technology breakthrough. Apparently, this technology full of innovations is very attractive and makes us want to go deep into it.

Look closely at BlockCDN, which has three major outstanding advantages:
First, BlockCDN let nodes sharers kill two birds with one stone. Based on the methodology of sharing economy, BlockCDN not only realizes good utilization of resource, but also moderates the network congestion and let the node sharers gain benefits, stuff their wallet without doing anything. This specific running model of sharing economy is in full accordance with the economic thinking of individual in modern society.
Second, BlockCDN could save big amount of cost for the website. BlockCDN is a self-service trade CDN market, which is fully transparent, open, and fair. And make website owners and sharers could do business freely, fairly and transparently with each other, save 90% cost of the speed-up service for the websites, and get better, faster CDN service.
In addition, the capacity of BlockCDN market is large, and the future is bright. Based on the globalized vision of development, BlockCDN will issue the current token-BCDN to solve the transaction payment issues between node sharers and speed-up service users. According to the growth of CDN market and expectations over constant amount of BCDN, BCDN is to be circulated in the global market of 12 billion dollars. The value of BCDN will be inestimable.
The boom of DiDi Transportation is still in ascendant, however, Uber appeared out of blue , it was considered as a good example of successful practice of P2P sharing economy, and rapidly refresh the occupation ratio of market share of taxi industry. BlockCDN is a sharing trading platform up to date, which is also the latest business model. BlockCDN also deeply implements the principle of sharing economy in the internet field and will bring the impactive revolution to the CDN industry. As a new-born, will it give us surprise as Uber? let`s wait and see.