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ps:该文末提到了了小神童Vitalik Buterin关于稳定加密数字货币的一篇文章,现在特别附上这篇文章的链接,有兴趣、有能力的人可以研读:
《The Search for a Stable Cryptocurrency(搜索稳定加密数字货币)》

Melonport (MLN) 项目进度跟踪


vcealicu团队根据Melonport的模板,从CryptoCompare WebAPIs获取BTC、EUR、REP、MLN 对ETH的汇率,价格每5分钟更新一次。


FirstBlood [1ST] 第一滴血项目进度跟踪

“官方: 我们下周会开放对天梯 [ 排队/撮合 ] 引擎的测试, 邀请码会向参与原先众筹的玩家优先发送. 请留意微博。”

Melonport (MLN) 项目进度跟踪

vvv7777777 [4:51 PM]
When will the Melonport platform be ready for use?
I thought it would be ready in 2 years?

monaelisa [4:54 PM]
We are aiming for the Melon protocol will be ready in 2 years - think the discussino above is around the token

vvv7777777 [4:55 PM]
Will there be minor releases that people can use before then?

monaelisa [4:56 PM]
yup there has already been one (unfortunately not accessible at the moment as ropsten has been down)
we will release a new version in a couple of weeks integrating new functionality

vvv7777777 [4:58 PM]
Interesting, so people will be able to create strategies soon?
Also big ups on Kovan

monaelisa [4:58 PM]
Yup - we will start off by integrating 4 tradable assets on testnet and slowly increase
It will be a slow roll-out process as we test, solve, re-iterate for any bugs, etc
In the meantime, we have started the first external (independent) code audit already and will soon release the details of the bug bounty program (edited)

vvv7777777 [4:59 PM]
That makes it seem like an MVP in the mainnet will be ready in less than 2 years
Why advertise it as 2 years?

monaelisa [5:01 PM]
yup as per timeline should be ready within a year, completing phase II - but phase III will be focused on governance of the protocol which will take some further research (eg. how to connect to interoperable DLT later / stakeholders voting rights/ inflation etc etc)
the governance mechanism will also need to be audited to avoid any issues and bug bounty program for that too
at end of phase III protocol gets deployed in its entirety (with governance)

vvv7777777 [5:04 PM]
Alright, re-reading the spec doc now
Thanks for answering my questions so quickly Mona

melongo [4:09 AM]
@monaelisa a lot of hedge fund managers would want their strategy to be secret. Otherwise opportunities quickly vanish. Why would such a manager expose his strategy on an open plattform? Thanks

georgehallam [5:08 PM]
Hello @melongo, welcome to the Slack. In answer to your questions, as part of Stage III of our development cycle, we'll be exploring methods of portfolio obfuscation. This could be done in parallel with our future multi chain focused research (exploring semi/encrypted chains) or by utilising the Ethereum Foundation's ongoing efforts with Baby Zoe/Project Alchemy (ZK-SNARKS in Ethereum smart contracts/potential integration with the ZCash Ledger).

Maker 项目讨论帖


原文:MKR will be listed on centralized exchanges and CoinMarketCap after the Dai Foundation has been legally incorporated in Switzerland. Currently the estimate from our lawyers is that this will take another 2 months.